Writer’s block

I met with my supervisor three times since I first started this PhD and she has told me each time that the best thing to do to overcome a writer’s block and improve one’s writing skills is……. drumroll…… writing writing writing!
So this next week (after my stats exam :S ) will be dedicated to writing the first paragraphs of what will be my first year Viva report.
I must admit that the thought of writing while I’m still in the process of reading papers and creating a bibliography isn’t my cup of tea. Structuring and filling in the gaps while reading leaves me the impression that something might slip out or be missed. But I do believe it’s a quicker way to get things done and still be thorough. I believe my block comes from the fact that although I was brought up as a bilingual in Italian and English, I never really had to write in English at school. Reading lots and lots and lots of papers helps.
So, I want to just close my eyes and trust my supervisor on this, since she’s been doing it way longer than me.

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