Designing new products for users

On 7th March 2013 Treviso Tecnologia organized a seminar on how to better design product that take into consideration the user’s needs and desires. The event took place at La Fornace in Asolo (Vicenza).
6Among the several speakers there were Professors Luciano Gamberini and Anna Spagnolli, from HTLab at University of Padua, and representatives of Ubiest S.p.A. and OSRAM S.p.A. companies.
Two case studies were presented: the first focusing on how to conduct a usability study for a geolocalization system, the second one presented cognitive aspects related to new lighting systems and how these can influence our purchasing behavior.
What surely came out of this extremely interesting seminar was that nowadays, when technology is racing to present to products everyday, it becomes more and more important to put a product on the market at the right time in the right place. This idea comes from way far back in time and is what the greeks called “kairos”.
We have to become exceptionally good at understanding the user’s needs and desires, anticipating them through innovative solutions. Things are moving so fast that it’s not insane to think that all of the present and future technological innovations will slowly modify the anatomy of our brain. There is a new progressive phase of human adaptation. While millions of years ago this adaptation concerned nature and fierce animals, today it involves high-tech products.
Of course this is just a summary of what was discussed, but I wish to say something on a more practical note. I’ve started to attend several seminars, workshops and conferences in the past few years and never before now have I seen such nice presentations! I’m not talking just about the power point slides, which where all really well done, but especially the oral presentations. I was really pleased to hear people talk in a clear, simple, direct way and I am sure that this was appreciated also by the rest of the audience, since a very interesting exchange of ideas was generated throughout the day.